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    The mission of the Gainesville Conductive Education Academy (GCEA) is to provide a high quality non-profit educational setting to both rehabilitate and educate children with neurodevelopmental disabilities using conductive pedagogy so that they may transition to a mainstream educational setting upon achieving sufficient learning skills and ability to interact with peers and environment. The GCEA aims to sustain a reputation as a high quality provider of Conductive Education in the United States.

Classes Offered Year Round

The GCEA is a Full Time School that Offers:

  • An intensive learning environment where kids are on the move all day long and learn to integrate body control and balance to achieve independent walking and living.
  • Build strong self esteem through hard work and achievement.
  • Expand his/her knowledge base and learning capabilities through individually designed curriculum.
  • A warm and loving environment where friends are forged for life.

Summer Semester: June to August     Fall Semester: August to December     Spring Semester: January to May

Assistance will be provided in obtaining State of Florida McKay Scholarships

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