Volunteering for the Jordan Klausner Foundation

The Jordan Klausner Foundation (JKF) is organized and run entirely by volunteers.The JKF seeks volunteers from the North Central Florida Community. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work directly with Special Children. Our volunteers are involved with the following activities.
  • Work with a special child at the Gainesville Conductive Education Academy and engage the child in stimulating activities including art, reading, storytelling, music, singing, games, physical endurance and development, and learning.

  • Provide advocacy for the child and his/her family. Be an advocate for the family during the development of Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Individual Services Plans (ISP).

  • Educate families on how to protect the civil rights of their children.

  • Assist the JKF with planning and fundraising activities.
Volunteer Questionnaire

If you are interested in volunteering for the JKF please contact us and leave sufficient information where we can contact you.
Contact Us

Please be aware that we must do a background check on all of our volunteers.
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